Warning on the Use of the Ouija Board

I will make this very clear and to the point, for there is no need to elaborate where this toy came from and what its for. But I do need to express a real concern over its use and potential danger.

When is it safe to use a Ouija Board?
1. It is NEVER safe to use a Quija Board. (But if one must.)
2. If a family member or friend died during the past year and it is before Halloween.demons
3. If the user believes that an entity is attached to or has been attacking him or her.

When is it not safe to use a Quija Board
1. If the user has no real questions that need answering.
2. If the users are using it for fun.
3. If there is a child in the home younger then 13. (Before puberty.)

From investigation experience, we have come to realize that Elementals (I.N.P.H.O.’s specialty) among other paranormal creatures, have an attraction to the use of this toy. We are not sure why or how “it” knows but once a person places the board in there home it is enough to invite the creature to enter and to “hang-around” or stay. Although Elementals are not evil they are very mischievous and, as far as we can tell, enjoy or feed from causing human and animal suffering. If you are going to use one of these boards, be forewarned that it can have consequences.

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